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In the vineyard

In the vineyard the viticultural team at Enoitalia work with the local farmers to create the perfect balance between perfume and structure, from the selection of the buds to the thinning of the fruit. For this reason each site of “Terre di Valfredda” vineyard is worked in a different way but with the same main objective, to create a wine with the best characteristics “Valfredda” has to offer.


The entire vinification process was carefully supervised under the direction of internationally acclaimed winemaker Riccardo Cotarella and his technical staff. Cotarella was particularly excited with the challenge of creating a world class Pinot Grigio from Trentino and by the extraordinary potential of “Terre di Valfredda”. With Riccardo Cotarella at the helm of the new Ca’ Montini Pinot Grigio, Enoitalia firmly believes that his involvement will further attest that this meticulous site selection and world-class winemaking can produce prestigious wines of authenticity and quality from this region.